Focus T25 vs P90X3 vs 21 Day Fix

Beachbody has released three new programs that have shorter workout times of 30 minutes or less. These are all great programs and I have done all three, myself. Each of the programs have embraced the science that you can, in fact, get in a very beneficial workout in less than 30 minutes. They each have their strong points and it can be confusing when faced with so many good choices.

In trying to select the right program for yourself, there are a number of factors that you need to consider.

1. Your current activity. If you are already into running or other cardio-intense sports, you may want to choose a program that covers other aspects of fitness like strength training and flexibility. If you are strong, but need to lose some weight, you may want to choose a cardio-intense program. If you’ve been pretty sedentary, you want a program that will challenge without being discouraging.

2. Your current level of fitness. If you are over 50 years old, have over 50 pounds to lose or if you are a complete beginner to exercise, you will need to modify any of these programs. They each provide a cast member who is demonstrating low or no impact moves while still focusing on the same muscle groups. The 21-Day Fix program gets a little higher marks on this aspect from me because the cast member who is doing the modifications is a “real” person rather than an exceptionally fit person just demonstrating the moves.

3. Your personal challenges. If you have knee, back or shoulder issues, you will need to modify or skip altogether some of the moves that may aggravate your particular challenge. Of course, you should get clearance from your doctor before making a significant change in your activity level. As I will point out below, some programs are more difficult to adapt than others.

4. Your personal goals. Determining your most important goals is crucial in selecting the right program. Really nailing down your “Why” will also help you stick to the program when the going gets rough. So, is it weight loss, better eating habits, strength, building muscle, flexibility, strengthening your core or improving your cardio-vascular health?

5. Your own strengths and weaknesses. Here’s where you need to be honest with yourself. Yes, we need to work on our weaknesses, but not focus on them. It’s OK to be able to excel in certain areas while being challenged in others. However, if you are just starting this health and fitness journey, you may need to select a program that will make use of your strengths and still challenge you.


This is non-stop cardio and strength training all in one. You will definitely work up a sweat with this one!

Trainer: Shaun T

Time: 25 minutes plus cool down

Duration: 60 days for the Alpha and Beta rounds. An additional Gamma round can be purchased separately.

Strong points: Weight loss, Core, Cardio and Flexibility

Not the best for: Building muscle, Nutrition help, People with knee issues or over 50 pounds to lose

Equipment needed: Light to medium dumbells or the provided resistance bands, yoga mat

Cost: $120

For more information follow these links:

Video Overview

Program Details

NOTE: The T25 Challenge Pack is on sale during the month of August.

Challenge Pack Details


This is a reinvention of the mega-popular P90X. It is not an advanced form of the program. It does keep you challenged in many areas and is easy to follow.

Trainer: Tony Horton

Time: 30 minutes

Duration: 90 days in 3 segments

Strong points: Variety, Weight loss, Strength, Building muscle, Flexibility

Not the best for: Cardio, Nutrition help

Equipment needed: Light to medium dumbells or resistance bands, pull up bar, yoga mat

Cost: $120

For more information follow these links:

Video Overview

Program Details

Challenge Pack Details


Puts the focus on simplifying nutrition and exercise. The nutrition guide and portion-control containers are an excellent way to get a handle on your eating habits.

Trainer: Autumn Calabrese

Time: 30 minutes including the cool down

Duration: 21 Days, this is for one round. To lose a significant amount of weight would require multiple rounds

Strong points: Weight loss, Nutrition guide, Cardio and Flexibility

Not the best for: Building muscle

Equipment needed: Light to medium dumbells or resistance bands, yoga mat

Cost: $60

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Video Overview

Program Details

Challenge Pack Details

All of these programs are available at a discounted price in a “Challenge Pack” that includes the workout program, 30-day supply of Shakeology, 30-day VIP Club Membership trial and a significant savings on shipping. I highly recommend including Shakeology in your health and fitness plan. Proper nutrition is 70 to 80% of the picture in effective weight loss or body building. Replacing one meal a day with Shakeology provides your body with the nutrients it needs and does not contain any artificial anything. I have been using it regularly for almost 5 years and attribute it as a huge factor in my weight loss, fitness and being able to maintain it.

I also come with the deal as your coach. You can join one of my Challenge Groups for personal guidance, accountability and peer encouragement. We keep in touch daily via a private Facebook group that I moderate.

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The new Beachbody On Demand (or BOD) is a great way to have access to all of these programs and more! With their All Access plan, you will be able to stream any of the programs on demand from your computer, phone, tablet or AppleTV.
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